Project Pawe: October 2010 Update

Pawe project:Oct 2010 Update

Paul, Betta, Aman, and Zeb

Ethiopia Update – Progress on Water Treatment System for Pawe Hospital

On October 27 Paul Rogers and Atu Bekele traveled to Ethiopia to meet with our ministry partners at Beza International Ministries and to meet with the hospital administrator and the health officials for the Mekele Zone in the Benishangul-Gumuz region. The trip started out with baggage delayed and a hotel reservation that was lost, but those were only minor inconveniences in a great trip.  There was great joy in seeing our friends and ministry partners in Ethiopia again, but there was sadness as we mourned David’s death together.


No other moment of grieving was as poignant as our meeting with Nardos Ayalew, the young lady that Joshua’s Way sent to India in 2006 to have a heart valve replaced. Nardos was weeping and wondering aloud how David could have died and she could still be here alive because of David and Joshua’s Way. Amazingly, Nardos is now in her sixth month of pregnancy.  Since Nardos never expected to have children because of her health prior to the heart valve replacement, this is particularly uplifting good news.       

Nardos 2010            Nardos 2006

On the morning of November 3rd we began our trip to Pawe with a five hour delay in our flight to Bahir Dar. Because of the delayed flight, we arrived in Bahir Dar late in the afternoon and were forced to spend the night there rather than trying to drive to Pawe in the dark which was not safe.


At daybreak the next morning we were in the car and on the way to Pawe arriving there at midday. Thankfully, God went before us and we were able to connect with key government leaders which played a critical role in the progress on the water treatment system.  The meetings with the administrators of the hospital and nursing school in Pawe went very well.  We are looking toward the installation of the water treatment system at the Pawe hospital in early 2011.

Paul and Hospital grounds keeperDr. Z at nursing schoolready for the operating room