Project Pawe April 2010 Trip

nursing school students 3/2010

As we visited the Pawe Nursing School during April, we found the words, pictured below, scrawled on the wall. The nursing school is located in the Benishangul-Gumuz region of Ethiopia, the poorest region, bordering Sudan. These words were appropriate words of encouragement for over 200 students who labor to learn the basics of nursing and midwifery with no personal textbooks, few models or audiovisuals for learning, intermNursing school wallittent electric service, cramped dorm rooms, and inadequate toilet and cleaning facilities.

Joshua’s Way is trying to light some candles in Pawe.  In this area of Ethiopia, 1 of every 5 children dies before the age of 5. The hospital and nursing school currently have no pure water supply. A number of dedicated Ethiopians—doctors, nurses, engineers, teachers, and church leaders—are working to improve life in Pawe, and JW is joining with them to try to make a difference.

JW has a four-fold targeted approach in Pawe. First, we are providing needed equipment and supplies for the Pawe     Hospital. We now have the two operating rooms essentially fully equipped for general surgery. We have also provided medical supplies, tools, washing machines and other items. We are working with an Ethiopian engineer and hope to provide a water treatment system for the hospital as well as back up generators since the electrical power supply for the hospital is not dependable.

Second, we are assisting the nursing school (see some of the students pictured above left). We recently delivered a laptop, projector, textbooks, instructional DVDs, composition books, and pens to aid students in their learning. The water treatment system for the hospital will also benefit the nursing school. We plan to provide needed tables and chairs for the school and a backup generator  as well. 

Third, we are working to establish a partnering relationship with the local church in Pawe. JW has provided Bibles to the church (see photo of Elder Taddesa, left, receiving an Amharic Study Bible). David Rogers preached at the worship service on Sunday April 11. The congregation of over 120 people made us feel so welcome, and we enjoyed a great time of worship and fellowship with them (see photo below, left).

Fourth, we hope to distribute solar cookers in Pawe as part of a demonstration project. Don Morris, in particular, has helped us recognize

the potential for solar cooking in Ethiopia. We have now located an Ethiopian company that produces solar cookers. We have met with the owner of the company, Bereket, and hope to produce and distribute cookers through his company which is called Solar Bereket .

There are many challenges and opportunities in Pawe. Pray that we will discern how best to deal with them and that God will provide the people and resources that we need. You can join with us in providing for the needs in Pawe, by participating in the grant awarded to Joshua’s Way.  See the "Grant Award to Joshua's Way" article.