Project Pawe: Touching another part of Ethiopia

It is a region where 1 of every 5 children dies before the age of 5. It is a region that faces tremendous challenges. But it is a region of great opportunity—opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of people.

In December, 2007, a small team from Joshua’s Way—Dr. Shelley Chapman, Lea Ann Wright, and David Rogers along with Aman Mengistu and Alexi Missailidis from Beza International—made the first investigative trip to a hospital in this region located in the village of Pawe.

While there, we met with health officials, toured the hospital and gained a good first understanding of the health challenges in Pawe. At the time of the visit, Dr. Zelalem, a dedicated and skilled surgeon—the only one at the hospital—and two GP’s made up the entire physician staff for a hospital with a surrounding population of 240,000 people. These doctors were working hard to care for the many patients that come to the hospital, but they were working with virtually no functioning medical equipment, impure water, and grossly inadequate supplies.

In March, 2008, a second team from JW—David Rogers, Shelton Hall, Paulos Hailu, and Alexi Missailidis—again visited the hospital. We brought to the hospital vital surgical and medical supplies, medical textbooks, and two washing machines for the laundry. Paulos (a skilled Ethiopian medical equipment technician) was able to repair a significant amount of equipment in the operating rooms. Shelton and Alexi installed the washing machines and surveyed the maintenance and construction needs of the hospital. We also delivered a number of much needed nursing textbooks to the nursing school located adjacent to the hospital.

Stay tuned: Pray for God’s power to be displayed in Pawe.