Pawe Project: Oct 2010 Solar Cooker Update


Solar Cooker Distribution Target date: December 2010 in Gilgal

While we were insolar cooker Ethiopia, we had the opportunity to meet the Zonal officials for the Mekele Zone at the hotel in Gilgal, a few miles from Pawe, to discuss the distribution of solar cookers in that area. It was delightful to see how rapidly the officials there embraced this idea because it fit so well with ongoing plans they have for improving the lives of the people in the Mekele Zone. In fact, the chief administrator was anxious to proceed almost immediately with this ministry.

Bereket Dessie, the owner of Solar Bereket Company (below), and his assistant, Dagim Girma, met with us when we returned to Addis Ababa from Pawe. The parabolic solar cookers have been manufactured, and Bereket and Dagim are prepared to go to


Gilgal to train the recipients in the use of the cookers.  Bereket and the Zonal administrator are currently discussing their schedules to coordinate the training and to distribute the solar cookers.  Training and distribution might be possible as early as mid-December.

By meeting physical needs with the solar cookers and the water treatment system, Joshua’s Way hopes to create opportunities to meet the spiritual need of the people of Pawe and Gilgal for our Savior, Jesus.

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