Joshua's Way: Mending a broken heart

How do you mend a broken heart? That is the question that faced us when we learned that Nardos Ayalew (pictured on the right below), a 26 year old Ethiopian woman, needed heart surgery.

We first got to know Nardos as a student and then as a trainer of women at the Mercy Center in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. As we later learned, Nardos had a serious heart condition that required replacement of a heart valve. But she had no money for the surgery, and there were no specialists or facilities in Ethiopia to provide the medical and surgical treatment that was needed.

So Joshua's Way went to work. Atu Bekele worked closely with physicians in Nairobi, Kenya who examined Nardos and confirmed that she needed heart surgery. After much research, it was then determined t [Nardos2] hat India was the most advantageous location for the surgery from a cost, availability, and skill standpoint.

Atu worked tirelessly throughout the entire process, arranging transportation for Nardos, scheduling the surgery, and consulting with the physicians in India to assure that Nardos got the treatment that she needed. With the help of some generous donors, all of Nardos' costs for air transportation, housing, and surgery in India were paid by Joshua's Way.

Today, Nardos is back in Ethiopia and is recovering well from her surgery. By God's grace and provision, her heart has been made new...physically and spiritually.