Joshua's Way provides more medical equipment to Pawe

Project Pawe: More Medical Equipment Dec 09

operating room Pawe

It is one hospital in a remote part of Ethiopia near the border of Sudan. It serves about 240,000 people. But it is underequipped. Joshua's Way has been working to improve that situation.

We sent some medical equipment in March. Now, again, JW has ordered additional medical equipment for the two operating rooms in Pawe. We expect delivery within one month. The equipment includes an operating room table, suction machine, electrocautery machine, and pulse oximeter. We still need to fund and purchase two anesthesia machines.

Our goal here is simple. As we get the two operating rooms in the hospital better equipped, then the physicians there can better treat their patients. We also hope to be able to attract organizations like SMILE International and volunteer physicians to work at the hospital.

God has been good to Joshua's Way. We are working hard to use the resources He has provided through generous people to make a real difference and to change lives-for the glory of God.