First Graduates: Ethiopian Women's Life Empowerment Program

God has been with us in the Ethiopian Women's Life Empowerment Program. From the need for funds to the need for staff to the need for equipment, He provided what we needed to launch this Program. Most of all, He has given hope to the hopeless.

In October, thirty (30) women graduated after successfully completing the culinary training program sponsored by Joshua's Way. Each woman's story is different, but there are common threads in all of their stories. They are poor. Most are mothers and primary caregivers for their children. All struggle to make ends meet. Most had little hope for the future. Many had given up on life. But in the midst of their despair and difficulty, they found hope through the Women's Life Empowerment Program.

Esther, a poor mother raising five children alone, told us, "I am grateful that God didn't forget me and that He is carrying my burden and causing me to see His faithfulness."

Desta had suffered rejection, sickness, and hopelessness. Now she says, "God taught me so much in this place and showed me His faithfulness. I know that nothing is impossible with Him. In this training I found love and support. Because of this training, my income has already doubled."

Tigist has a son, Jabez, who requires constant care because he was born with severe deformities. After graduating from the program, Tigist was quickly employed. "Now I know," she says, "that God is in control. He is faithful. He has a plan for my life and my son's."

Jesus came to preach good news to the poor and to set free those who are oppressed. It is in the Spirit of Jesus that Joshua's Way ministers through the Ethiopian Women's Life Empowerment Program