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A prayer for all of us who fail

Lord, teach me when I fail. Remind me of my imperfections. Remind me that apart from You I can do nothing. Remind me that humility is a great virtue. Remind me to trust in You more completely. Remind me that, even in my failures, You are at work in and through me. Remind me that You are MY Shepherd who walks with me through every failure. Remind me that You will lift me up when I fail. Remind me that to love You above all else--above my success, above my pride--is essential and necessary at all times, in all places, before all people. 



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Starvation that brings life

The part of our nature that inclines toward sin must be starved--starved until it dies. We must not feed it with unholiness or impurity at any time. This part of our nature is tenacious. With only a little feeding, it is infused with continuing life. Lord, help me to be strong enough to deny myself, to starve to death the sin within me so that I may truly live. 



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