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What is best for us

This is what the Lord says--your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel:  "I am the LORD your God, who teaches you what is best for you, who directs you in the way you should go.  If only you had paid attention to my commands, your peace would have been like a river, your well-being like the waves of the sea."  Isaiah 48:17-18


God's commands are always best for us. We ignore His commands at our peril. If we truly desire peace, wholeness and well-being, we will listen to him and obey His moral will. So much of the pain, hurt, degradation, frustration, depression, anxiety, and failure in our lives are the direct results of our disobedience toward God. 

God has not given us His commands and statutes to make us miserable. He is not a cosmic killjoy who wishes us to have no fun. In fact, it is just the opposite. God loves us and want us to enjoy life. But, like any good father or mother, He directs us in ways that will result in healthy and joyful living and that will avoid the deep pitfalls that threaten to harm us.

God's commands are like an early warning system. When heeded, we avoid problems that so often result in injury and suffering. When ignored, we expose ourselves to pain and perplexity, sadness and sorrow, frustration and failure.

Let us learn to listen to God's voice and to obey His commands. For, you see, God, our Father, really does know best.

Those who have ears to hear, let them hear.


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God's Glory

"I (God) will not yield my glory to another."  --Isaiah 48:11b

Why does God so emphatically assert that He will not yield His glory to another?  I submit that there are several reasons. 

First, God alone is the Supreme and Sovereign One.  He is the LORD Almighty.  If God yielded His glory to another, it would imply that somehow the "other" has status above Him.  It would be to deny the reality of who God is.

Second, God will not encourage idolatry.  If God yielded the praise that is due Him to another, then God would be encouraging idolatry, at least indirectly.  Our worship should go to the highest and greatest being that exists.  God will never allow us to live in the fantasy that another is higher or greater than He and somehow more deserving of praise than He.

Third, God loves us and wants what is best for us.  Our best is found in a relationship with Him.  God will never play second fiddle to anyone, for He wants us always to realize that our highest and best in life is found in Him and Him alone.

Fourth, God's emphatic refusal to yield His glory to another is a warning to us.  We must never elevate ourselves above God in our own minds or hearts.  We must never seek the praise of others that rightly belongs to God.  We must always recognize that whatever skills, strengths or gifts we have are the result of God's grace and mercy toward us.  We should constantly remind ourselves of this reality and verbalize it as we minister in the name of Christ.

Those who have ears to hear, let them hear.



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