Dark Threads; Beautiful Tapestry

David Rogers

God often uses the dark threads in our lives to produce a beautiful tapestry. One particularly dark thread in my life-the death of my first son Joshua-would ultimately lead to the founding of Joshua's Way.

Joshua died on June 13, 1982. His age-approximately 17 days. The cause of his death-a serious heart defect.

Not only did I feel pain in losing Joshua, but I also experienced smoldering anger with God. Why had He not answered my prayers? Was He paying any attention at all to what was happening down here? If so, why didn't He do something?

The pain, the anger, and the doubts motivated me to re-examine the validity of my Christian faith with a cynical intensity.

I read voraciously-the Scriptures, theological books, books about the history of the church. I listened carefully to preachers, theologians, and Bible teachers. No preacher, theologian, teacher, or writer was exempt from my critical analysis. In my mind, I rigorously cross-examined those who spoke or wrote for the Christian faith, challenging their pronouncements and assumptions. But I saved my best cross-examination for God Himself. He was on trial, and I wanted and demanded answers.

But at the end of the trial, overwhelming reality gripped me. God was not in the dock. I was. The major question to be answered was not whether God was really good or infinitely great (which He is). The pressing issue was whether I would yield to the One who created the heavens and the earth, who gives and takes away life and breath, who sees beyond the moment and gazes into the eternal.

I surrendered. I trusted. I cried. And yielding, I knew the warm and gracious embrace of a Father who too had seen His Son die-a Father who can take the dark thread of death and from it weave a beautiful tapestry of life.

Joshua's Way is a tribute to the Great Weaver .